BTB Update 2/1/23

Hi, St. Peter’s! The demolition of the Fellowship Hall is progressing. Have you noticed? Big gaps in the walls! No doors! Wow – we’re getting down to the basics. These guys work hard and they seem to be keeping things cleaned up and organized! Wait a minute – did you notice the steeple? Not on the roof? It’s over by the main entrance. Very fascinating. Check it out. As the demo continues, there are also things going on that show progress – some cutting of concrete for plumbing, roughing in for mechanical, etc. This is real construction talk! Heads up: There will be a lot of things going on during spring break which is the week of March 13. In the words of our leader, Steve Reitz, “The parking lot will be a mess!” Water will be turned off and on. Mark your calendar. We should have another newsletter just before that happens so that I can remind you again.

We, on the Building Committee, appreciate your patience and your support and your enthusiasm! It has taken such a long time to get to this place. We pray that we remember God is part of this process as we desire to do God’s work here in Marble Falls!

Your reporter, Janette Clausen

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