BtB Update 12-1-22

Happy December, St. Peter’s! 

It’s an exciting time for the remodel of the Fellowship Hall.  After years of looking at plans, discussing options, waiting on reports, we’re finally making progress!  Speaking of waiting – we are still waiting on one permit from the city of Marble Falls before the contractor can give us a starting date.  However, we do feel that things will officially begin before Christmas.  On Saturday before Thanksgiving, a group of faithful folks worked in the cold and rain to finish emptying the kitchen, the main part of the Fellowship Hall, and any other odds and ends that remained in that downstairs space.  Most of those things are now in the storage building that is behind the Treehouse. 

A reminder that there will be inconveniences during the remodel.  We will try to keep everyone informed with emails, newsletter information, signage, etc.  However, we all know that even with all of that, there will be some confusion, some aggravation, some impatience.  Let’s be kind to one another.  And remember:  This is exciting!  It’s what we’ve been looking forward to!  It’s going to be great! 

Your faithful reporter,

Janette Clausen

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