Feb 2014 – Purchased property on Elm Street (giving us ownership of the property from 1431/Choice Medical back to the SPLAT House).

2015 – Listening Team – GOAL: Listen UP, OUT, & IN to discern where and how God is leading us next to grow, love, and serve

Fall 2016 – Advisory Team formed – began addressing Listening Team recommendation of evaluating leadership structure / functioning for Congregation/Pastor-led church

Spring 2017 – Facility Planning Team formed – began addressing Listening Team recommendation to upgrade facilities for mission, service, and worship.  Developed schematic design proposal leading to capital campaign

Spring 2018 – Building to Bless Capital Campaign with May 20 celebration of results

July 1, 2018 – Building Committee installed in worship

Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 – Building Committee explores modified design with architect based on congregational feedback and success of capital campaign (see note below for more information)

Fall 2019 – Determined that building a new Fellowship Hall across Elm Lane was not feasible due to easement constraints on the property. Returned to update original plan using the same footprint as the current Fellowship Hall, yet better utilizing space to create a larger space to gather and fellowship.

January 2020 – Updated schematic design presented at Annual Meeting – approved.

February 2020 – Received bid estimate from Contractor – need for follow-up meeting to go over numbers and prioritize project pieces based on building project goals.

May 2020 – After having to pause due to COVID-19, the committee re-gathered to discuss what “next” looks like and how the pandemic might be inviting us to wonder with God of any meaningful changes to our current design or needs of our larger facility/grounds.

June 2020 – Met with architect and decided that current schematic design is sound. Yet, a recommendation to council was suggested to see how they would like to proceed in developing a larger master plan for facilities (with congregation’s mission and vision in mind). Maybe a parallel team might need to be formed that includes a more representative set of voices of the congregation to develop a basic vision for a master plan for facilities. Next steps include meeting with contractor to narrow down estimates of cost of current project.

TBD – Release architect to complete engineering / design (12-16 weeks)

TBD – Solicit bids for project and award construction

TBD – Break ground (10-12 months anticipated) 

TBD – Construction completed

TBD – Close on new mortgage

As we move into 2019 with our BTB Project we are beginning to hear some confusion and questions concerning the project.  The intent of this letter is to give you an update on our progress and to clarify the direction.


We began our project in 2018 by setting out goals to accomplish.  Specifically: 1) improved/expanded parking, 2) improved signage, 3) landscaping, 4) sanctuary electronics improvements and 5) kitchen/Fellowship Hall remodel/expansion. The focus quickly settled on working out plans to remodel our current Fellowship Hall and kitchen as the primary challenge and cost component.  It was determined early that we would need to live within the existing footprint of the Fellowship Hall with the exception of modifying and enclosing the West entrance. The addition of a second floor wasn’t structurally or financially possible, moving the west wall was cost prohibitive and a complete replacement of the Fellowship Hall was well beyond our means. Working with our architect, schematic floor plans were developed and presented, and preliminary estimated costs were obtained.

The BTB Pledge Campaign was conducted in Spring 2018 and was a great success, resulting in pledges surpassing both the original and stretch goals.

As work with the architect continued, concerns began to surface about issues and extra expenses that might be encountered as an early 1960s structure was changed to meet our 2019 and beyond needs.  The renovation looked to be difficult, costly and, in the end, would not have substantially satisfied multiple key needs and requirements beyond a new kitchen and West entrance.  In addition, we would lose the use of the Fellowship Hall for eight or more months, which would be very disruptive to congregational life.

The combination of renovation issues, costs and the disruption coupled with the robust pledges, led the Building Committee to seriously consider a new, tailored structure across Elm Lane as a potentially better solution.  The architect agreed that a new, modern construction building would be both simpler and easier to develop.

That brings us to today.


A new structure with expanded capacity, tailored facilities and additional parking is being explored to be built on the East side of Elm Lane on the site of the current 1705 Hwy 1431 building (owned by the church and currently occupied by Choice Medical Supply).  This building would be a single-story building with enlarged Fellowship Hall seating, the same kitchen program elements planned for the old Fellowship Hall, storage space for key St. Peter’s ministries and retail lease space along Hwy 1431.  (Retail lease income is an important component of St. Peter’s income.)

It will be designed and laid out as a Fellowship Hall with adjoining facilities.  It will not be gym, but the goal is to create a space that can also accommodate playing indoor games and be a flex space for youth and school activities.  A gym has a unique set of requirements, higher costs, and a different appearance and functionality.

Work with the city has been undertaken to determine acceptable placement of the building on the site and once completed that will allow the architect to set a footprint and move on to schematic layout.  Completing the work with the city has been time consuming and has delayed next steps with the architect.  The Building Committee hopes to have initial schematics by the end of April 2019.

Once schematic plans are available and cost estimates are obtained the Building Committee will meet with the congregation to present those plans and to update you on next steps.

The Building Committee

Steve Reitz (chair), John Burns (council liaison), Catherine Hicks, Carol Jones, Dave Leighton, Mike Struchen, Don Trapp, Dave Leighton, Chuck Wettstein, Pastor Vanicek