Here are schematic renderings of what we are about to build.  This is still a 10,000 foot view (no paint colors yet!).  The goal is to provide an overview of the general scope of work.  The construction documents will be drawn next.

For more project information, click BUILDING to BLESS Project Scope.

Our signage and landscaping makes an important first impression for passers-by.  On HGTV they call this “curb appeal” and it’s so important there is an entire show with that title.  Currently, the first impression St. Peter’s is giving is tired, sad, and outdated.  Once someone steps inside I hope they find that’s not the case, but we would rather our outside match our inside a little better.  Therefore our signage and landscaping should be welcoming, BOLD, and tasteful.

Likewise, Parking is an essential element of our campus that can physically signal to visitors, friends, and members “there is always room for you here!” By utilizing the property we own across Elm Lane we ensure safe, structured parking and create a more welcoming space for occasional outdoor worship and school Bike Days. The addition of lighting will keep us safe when leaving after Lenten worship or late night meetings.

Worship is at the center of how we live and share God’s grace with all.  Each time we gather in our Sanctuary, we are encouraged and empowered to take the good news of Christ into the world. With an improved sound system and added visual capabilities, we will be able to hear the Word of the Lord more clearly as well as worship in expanded ways to help us reach out in sharing the good news with others through live-streaming and YouTube.  By updating our A/V capabilities we will be able to project worship into other areas on the St. Peter’s campus.

Our West Entry is a key entry point to our worship, office, and school space.  Currently, it is accessible yet not in the most welcoming way.  People who need to use the handicap ramp are left to enter in all the elements.  Our new entry proclaims our guiding principle “Everyone is Welcome.”  The new focal point of our remodeled entry incorporates our history and theology through the beautiful steeple of our original sanctuary.  In its current location, few people see its splendor.  Here we will be able to view it as a visible reminder of the faith of those who came before us and established this congregation nearly 60 years ago as well as draw our attention to the Christian and Lutheran symbols of our heritage.

As in our individual homes, there are areas where everyone inevitability gathers for fellowship and to break bread.  In many ways our Kitchen serves as the hearth of our congregation. It is essential to being in ministry Together.  Our new kitchen space is roomy enough for lots of bodies, yet cozy enough to remind us that we are the Body of Christ.  We envision this use of this space doubling or even tripling simply due to the upgrades and size.  The adjacent multi-purpose space will be easily accessible to the kitchen for cooking classes or first communion bread making or can be used as a stand alone room by groups of various shapes and sizes and ministries.  The multi-purpose space is also flexible in that it can be opened to expand the capacity of our Fellowship Hall for large meetings and gatherings.

From Annual Meetings to God’s Work Our Hands Sunday to Lenten Meals, the Fellowship Hall space is essential to being in ministry Together.  When we are together we know that the Holy Spirit moves in special ways.  One of the things that hinders our togetherness is that this space is not accessible to all members from the inside.  Our proposed changes make our worship and gathering spaces more hospitable and accessible so that all are welcome!  Our design incorporates new windows and lighting.  We also are creating a new intentional 1431 entry to the East wall of the Fellowship Hall as a way of welcoming the larger community and visitors. This side will also have wall-to-ceiling windows. This change lets in the light but also helps people see in to what truly makes St. Peter’s special.