Needed Gifts and Commitments

Goal:   $750,000 over 3 years, with a stretch goal of $900,000.  Reaching our stretch goal will help to reduce the monthly mortgage payment or expand the project scope.

First Fruit GiftsScreen Shot 2018-04-15 at 11.01.49 PM

One time gifts given as the campaign begins, known as First Fruit Gifts, are used as soon as the renewal project commences. The purpose of gifts received up front is to delay the beginning of interest payments for construction financing, allowing more money to be directly applied to the project instead of interest. 


Monthly, quarterly, or annually are the most common forms of periodic giving. Beginning June 2018 and concluding June 2021, you are invited to make a three year financial commitment. The amount given per year may vary, as well as the length of the time (1, 2, or 3 years).

*If life circumstances change, commitments can be either decreased or increased.

Electronic Giving can be set up for the BUILDING to BLESS Capital Campaign.

Stockmeaningful gifts

Appreciated assets, such as stock that has been owned for at least a year, can be gifted
directly to the church. In so doing, the full value of the stock can be used as a charitable gift, and taxes are not owed on capital gains. Gifts of stock are sold immediately. 

IRA Distributions

Minimum retirement distributions are required for those aged 70.5 years and older. These distributions can be gifted to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. A charitable gift deduction cannot be taken; however, this kind of commitment can reduce one’s tax base. 

Matching Funds

Certain employers match donations. In some instances, matching donations are allowed for a capital campaign even if restrictions apply to regular offerings due to religious constraints. 

Donor Advised Funds

While commitments cannot be made from Family Foundations, intentions can be shared, allowing for construction and financing provisions. 


Charitable Remainder Trusts and Family Charitable Lead Trusts are creative ways to give to a capital campaign in particular situations. Representatives from the ELCA Foundation are available to help with planning. 


Have you included St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in your will? This future gift could be a specific amount, specific real estate, or a percentage of an estate. While the gift might not be used for this specific campaign over the next three years, it could be used in the future, including reducing the debt of any long-term financing. 

For More Information

If you choose to set up electronic giving, receive stock instructions, or have questions regarding your contribution records, please contact our Church Treasurer, Dave Leighton for further instructions.

If you are contemplating planned giving opportunities, please contact Pastor Danielle Casey, Dave Leighton, Treasurer, or Pastor Rick Hartmann, Campaign Consultant.  Finally, please consult with your tax professional or attorney as you consider various gifting options.  Thank you for your consideration.