What has brought us to this place to make these decisions?

In 2015, we began a process of listening by which you helped us identify areas of the St. Peter’s campus that needed our attention and investment to help us better live out our purpose statement: Together, BOLDLY living and sharing God’s grace with all, and in 2017, a Facilities Planning Committee was formed to explore possibilities and present our findings.

What are some key components of the campus renewal? 

  • Enhanced exterior Signage and Curb Appeal that is BOLDLY visible and welcoming
  • Parking Expansion and Improvements to say to our community there is room for all here
  • Sanctuary Audio/Visual Upgrades that allow our worship to expand and reach out so that we can better live and share God’s grace
  • Fellowship Hall Accessibility that provides better hospitality to those with limited mobility so that all are welcome
  • Fellowship Hall Remodeling that allows for larger gatherings using the adjoining multi- purpose space when needed so that we can be Together
  • Remodeled Multi-Purpose Space that can be used by groups of all shapes and sizes to live and share together.
  • Kitchen Expansion and Enhancement that nurtures fellowship and opens new and BOLD ways of feeding members and our larger community

What is the Financial Goal of the Campaign?

Goal: $750,000

Stretch Goal: $900,000



When are invitations for commitments made to support BUILDING to BLESS?

During the Advanced Commitment Phase, households will be invited to make commitments by April 27th.  Making a giving decision in advance provides encouragement for others to participate.  All others at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church will be invited to return the commitment card by Commitment Sunday, May 6th.  Prayers, commitments and gifts will be given in a procession of gratitude for the many blessings we have received from God, as we seek to bless others through our gifts.

Why am I asked to make a commitment rather than giving as I am able or moved to give?

Making and stating a plan has proven to be a valuable practice of discipline for both individuals and church leadership. It helps us all live up to our best intentions; it helps us in planning for the scope and financing of our campus renewal. And once a project has started, we have financial obligations to construction and contractors.

What happens if my life circumstances change and I made a financial commitment?

None of us know what the future holds. We live in the assurance of God’s presence and provision.  If financial circumstances change, commitments can be revised by either increasing or decreasing the initial support.  While financial commitments are encouraged for church planning purposes, alternative time frames can be indicated on the commitment card.  We also recognize annual income is uncertain for some, and levels of support can be revisited.

When does my 3 year Capital Campaign commitment begin?

Commitments begin June 1, 2018.

Why is maintaining regular giving important?

Commitments for the Capital Campaign need to be over and above one’s annual support of ministry and mission. Regular giving supports our overall ministry efforts, quality music programs, children’s and youth programs, adult education, and our ability to respond to the needs of our community through our benevolence.

What happens after the Campaign and when will renewal start?

Construction will not begin until after the congregation approves building plans, engages with a contractor, and obtains construction financing.  Ultimately, the schedule for construction depends upon the outcome of the BUILDING to BLESS Capital Campaign, yet we are aiming for a groundbreaking at the end of 2018, with an anticipated one year building timeframe for the entire project.  Our collective gifts and commitments will guide the scope of the project and next steps.

In addition to increased financial support, what other results are anticipated?

The spiritual benefit of putting treasure where one’s heart is reveals one’s trust in God, one’s personal faith and sense of community, along with offering a tangible way to follow Jesus as a disciple of Christ.

How can I help make our BUILDING to BLESS Capital Campaign fulfill God’s purpose for St. Peter’s Lutheran?

By engaging yourself in the following ways:

  • Pray! Pray for our church and the Spirit to move according to God’s will.
  • Respond! Respond to God’s blessings by committing your financial blessings.
  • Return! Return the BUILDING to BLESS commitment card on or before May 6th.