MAY 2023 VIDEO UPDATE: We are approximately 45% complete with the Fellowship Hall remodel and we wanted to post a video update so all can see the progress, get a glimpse of what the new 1431 entrance will look like (just a big hole as of May 1), as well as learn about what is next, and review the original goals of BtB to Together, BOLDLY live and share God’s grace with all.

What is “Building to Bless?” (CLICK HERE for Brochure)

video screen shot

Answer: The title of our capital campaign.  Building to Bless is an opportunity to renew and revitalize our ministry and life together as St. Peter’s.  Building to Bless is rooted in living out our purpose statement: Together, BOLDLY living and sharing God’s grace with all.  Click here to read the latest updates.

How will it be accomplished?

Answer: By raising $750,000 to $900,000 dollars.  Every gift amount matters because participation matters! There are various ways to share resources listed in detail on this website. Commitments to this campaign can be spread out over three years for manageability.

Why now?

Answer: The time is right!  We know that the cost of a building project of this magnitude is high, but more so we know that the cost of NOT building is even higher.  In an area that continues to grow exponentially and with the good news that we are compelled to share, this building project is important for the future of St. Peter’s.  Because we are not simply stacking stones, we are Building to Bless –

  •    Building to Bless our ministries
  •    Building to Bless the next generation, and
  •    Building to Bless our community.