BtB Update – 7/23/22

Hello, St. Peter’s!  This Building Committee has been working for many long years and has had to adjust goals and expectations many times.  I joined the committee quite a while after its inception  to fill in an empty spot.   I have not put in nearly as many chair hours as the other members on this committee.  It is a hard working bunch of people.  Some of us in this group came with helpful knowledge and some of us had a steep learning curve to keep up.  Our fearless leader is Steve Reitz.  The latest report from Steve is that he had a productive meeting with one of the groups that is going to be proposing an estimate for us.  He has also established a timeline for both companies that want to be our partner in this very important project that their estimates will be submitted August 3rd.  Both of these companies are doing much additional due diligence and value engineering to get numbers that are as accurate as possible.  I’ve got to admit that “value engineering” is a term that I do not use in my daily lingo.  (You may have guessed that I’m one of the committee members that had a lot to learn when I joined this group.)  Once Steve receives the estimates, the Building Committee will meet to review the numbers and see how they line up with our budget.  Once again – please continue to pray for this critical part of our process.  We sure want to spend our money wisely and we want to choose a company that wants to be part of our team at St. Peter’s.  

Your reporter!

Janette Clausen

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