BtB Update – 6/19/22

Hello, St. Peter’s!  It’s hot summer here in central Texas and in spite of that, our thoughts are still focused on the remodel of our Fellowship Hall.  At this time, we are waiting on an estimate of costs from a particular contractor!  Remember that I asked you to pray that someone would want to take on our project and we thank you for those prayers!  Right now, someone has looked at our plans and looked at our building and is working up some estimate numbers for us.  We should have those numbers in early July.  Another thing you may have noticed is that the outbuildings over at the Treehouse have been painted and now fit in more nicely with the look of our entire campus.  The larger building will be used for storage of tables, chairs and many other things during the remodel of the fellowship hall.  A reminder to everyone — if you put something into that building, please be sure to mark what it is for, who the contact person would be if it needs to be removed and when it might be used.  Once we are fortunate enough to begin emptying the Fellowship Hall, things may get shuffled around in that building.  It is very likely that we will need all of the space.  Currently, we are storing the Christmas tree and other seasonal decorations in that building, but the effort would be to keep it as empty as possible for now.  

Keep praying, everyone!  

Your reporter,

Janette Clausen

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