BtB Update – 8/27/22

Hello, St. Peter’s! 

After the Building Committee reviewed and discussed three estimates that we received for our fellowship hall remodel, we have decided to move forward with Nash Builders of Marble Falls.  We are very excited to have them as our contractor.  This is a local company that we feel confident will be a good partnership for St. Peter’s.  Currently, the committee continues working through value engineering (which Steve tells me is a fancy term for cutting costs – very important!).  Hopefully, this value engineering will ultimately provide some cost reductions.  The building committee and the church council will be working through final negotiations with Nash Builders in the coming days and weeks.  Building Committee and council will also be working on finalizing financing for this big project.  There is no start date yet, but Nash Builders indicate that it will be before the end of this year.   This is pretty exciting, everyone.  It’s something that we have worked toward for such a long time.  It’s almost time for us to pull out those hard hats!  Please be patient during this process.  There will be lots of moving pieces – literally!  Many aspects of life at St. Peter’s will be impacted.  We will try very diligently to keep you updated regularly.  Please continue to pray for the Building Committee and for Nash Builders as we partner up for this big step in the life of St. Peter’s! 

Your excited reporter,

Janette Clausen

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