BtB Update – 9/1/2021

The Building Committee had a lengthy meeting last week to go over plans for each room in the 1006 Elm house and each wall in the Fellowship Hall, plus Room 212 as well. Steve Reitz had talked to our architect about drawing up a plan for a mechanical room and two bathrooms in the Fellowship Hall area. That must be done by an architect in order for us to get proper permits. What rooms, walls, doors do we keep? What must go? Which projects need a permit? Steve said anything electrical, any plumbing, any load bearing issues must have a permit. Therefore, we have to have a detailed and specific plan. Also — we received more information regarding the replatting of our property so that all of the lots will be designated as church space. This process will take several months. What kind of appliances do we need in the kitchen? And how many of each? There’s a lot to think about, folks. And since we’ve changed the scope of the project, some of the things we had already thought about, we are needing to RE-think about. Will we need interim financing at any point? What kinds of water drainage issues will we have off the Fellowship Hall roof? We even talked about how big the driveway should be at 1006 Elm! There are lots of details that have to be worked out before we can start the messy work. Stay tuned! We’ll let you know when to don your hard hat and wear your work gloves! 

Reported by Janette Clausen

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