BtB Update – 10/1/2021

Hi, St. Peter’s! The Building Committee met with the Council in October to report some progress and to ask what the process will be for paying bills when we begin work. Very important to know! Also, the Council approved going ahead with the new fire alarm system, which needs to be in place before permitting for the work in the Fellowship Hall. We met again this week to hear the newest report from Chuck regarding temporary financing if it is needed, a report from the architect on the changes to the Fellowship Hall remodel, an update regarding the improvements to Room 212 and an update on the building permits. The plans for the Fellowship Hall continue on track with the architect being able to maintain much of the original plan in our new, smaller budget. The permit process for 1006 Elm is getting very close to completion. Probably in November, we will be having a “demo” party to tear things apart so we can put them back together in a way that is more useful for the ministries at St. Peter’s, plus safer for all of us to use. This is the first step in the remodel of the campus. 1006 must be usable for our ministries while the Fellowship Hall is under construction. We are all so impatient to take the first swing of the sledge hammer! I’m going to bring my lawn chair and just watch because I’m pretty sure my sledge hammer swinging days are long gone. I’ll let you know when to come to the party!

– Janette Clausen

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