BtB Update – 5/1/2022

Hello St. Peter’s! The house that the congregation purchased in the late summer of 2018 at 1006 Elm has been updated and named The Treehouse. It is a lovely, bright space that is already being used for gatherings such as Chair Exercise, Book Club, Council meeting, Snip-Its, and even more! If you have not attended an event over there, make plans to do so. It’s really quite lovely. There is still a little tweaking to be done, but the majority of the work is completed.

CLICK HERE to view The Treehouse Brochure

Other work of the Building Committee continues. The campus replat has passed the Planning and Zoning Committee and the city Council. Final signatures are needed and then it will be officially filed. This has been a long time coming and is important as we continue on the renovations of our main building. And speaking of the renovation – the architect should have plans completed for us by May 3. Steve Reitz is talking to contractors to see about bids. I have to be honest, friends. It hasn’t been easy to find someone willing to bid and take on this project. There is lots of building going on in our area and much of it is quicker, easier, and more lucrative than the remodel of an older church building. Pray with us that we find the right contractor for this job!

In peace! Janette Clausen

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