BtB Update – 6/1/2022

Hi, St. Peter’s! I hope that you all have had a chance to visit and participate in an event at the Treehouse. Lots of labor, both in house and contracted, went into that renovation. Today, book club met there for the second time and we love being in that clean and bright space. There is some new furniture in the main room that makes the space even more welcoming. As I mentioned last month, finding a contractor to do our Fellowship Hall remodel is being a little bit of a challenge. You might not have taken me seriously when I asked you to pray for us to find the right company and/or person to do this very important work for us. I was very serious. It’s important that we find someone that not only has the right knowledge and skills; but someone that can do the work in a timely manner. As you probably know, materials and labor are in big demand these days. Finding this person and all of the materials we need will not be a simple task, so please add this to your prayer list.

Your friendly reporter, Janette Clausen

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