Hi everyone,

The website now has a lot more media on it!  All the various print materials that you are getting at the information meetings in April are on the website (BtB prayer card, Meaning Gifts Brochure, original mailing brochure, 12 Creative Ways to Give, printable commitment card).  Note that commitment cards will be mailed out to the congregation this week (April 16 or 17).

The BUILDING to BLESS video is also up on youtube! Click the graphic on the home page to watch the video.  Please forward the video to folks you think may have missed an information meeting.  It does a great job of capturing how we got to this building campaign, why we are doing it, what we are doing, and how this will shape and grow our ministries and outreach to the community.  Dale Moquist said it best in the video, “this project is all about gratitude…it is our way of saying thank you to God.”

Check out all the updates on the site.  Let me know if you find errors that need to be updated, or are not able to find what you are looking for.

Blessed Eastertide,

Pastor Vanicek

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