On Sunday (4/29), Pastor Rick Hartmann joined us in worship and preached about King David in 1 Chronicles.  He talked about equal sacrifice verses equal gifts, and what sacrifice for others might look like in our lives.  Rick said sacrifice is, “changing your life so that the life of another can be changed.”  

As part of Rick’s sermon, he had people from the congregation come up who where holding numbers.  After all the numbers were up front, he arranged them to reveal what the leadership of St. Peter’s have committed thus far to our capital campaign.  We were all excited and rejoiced to see that so far we have commitments of over $544,000 for our Building to Bless Capital Campaign.

On the right sidebar of this website (which is visible on any page other than the homepage), is a thermometer that will be updated as commitments come in.  This thermometer will also be on the bulletin board in the Narthex.

If you haven’t turned in your commitment card yet, remember that this Sunday (May 6) is “Commitment Sunday,” the special Sunday of our capital campaign where all are invited to come forward and place their commitment card in a basket as your sacrificial offering that we together might build to bless our neighbors, congregation, and world.

Pastor Vanicek

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