The building plan we developed will help us better live out our purpose statement:  Together, BOLDLY living and sharing God’s grace with all and will include:

  • Enhanced exterior Signage and Curb Appeal that is BOLDLY visible and welcoming
  • Parking Expansion and Improvements to say to our community there is room for all here
  • Sanctuary Audio/Visual Upgrades that allow our worship to expand and reach out so that we can better live and share God’s grace.
  • Fellowship Hall Accessibility that provides better hospitality to those with limited mobility so that all are welcome
  • Fellowship Hall Remodeling that allows for larger gatherings using the adjoining multi- purpose space when needed so that we can be Together
  • Remodeled Multi-Purpose Space that can be used by groups of all shapes and sizes to live and share together.
  • Kitchen Expansion and Enhancement that nurtures fellowship and opens new and BOLD ways of feeding members and our larger community