BtB Update 5-1-23


Hello, St. Peter’s! If you drive by our St. Peter’s location, you will notice so much activity. One day as I
drove by, I could see workers scurrying on the roof – like ants with purpose! I think they were trying
to get that roof on in between threats of rain. And they did it! The roof is on. You might also notice
workers measuring and preparing the space where the stained glass will be at the end of the
Fellowship Hall. The windows and doors are in and we are ready for insulation and drywall. There is
some very big equipment doing excavation for the work at the 1431 entrance. I have mentioned before that I joined this committee after the other members had already completed several years of tedious work. These people have often met together for long hours. There have been difficult conversations when sometimes no one feels happy or satisfied – our property has some particular challenges; the city has specific requirements; construction costs escalated, etc. But always, these people on the Building Committee have been concerned about being in God’s will and about meeting the needs of our congregation which, in turn, will enable greater opportunities of outreach in our community. I am grateful. Grateful for the money that has been given, grateful for the vision of the congregation, grateful for the folks that have been, and still are, willing to continue to give of their time so that this project is completed in a beautiful way. Looking forward to that first potluck in the new space! Hey – perhaps we could have a contest to see who can guess the completion date? Exciting times ahead!

Janette Clausen

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