BtB Update 4-1-23

Happy spring, St. Peter’s! You may have noticed lots of obstacles in the parking lot. A city water line was replaced and the process went pretty much according to plan, which is kind of a miracle! Those trenches have been filled in with dirt until the parking lot is replaced, but obviously the parking lot is the last thing we will do. It’s kind of like frosting on a cake.

It comes last. The new driveway and sidewalk at the Treehouse has been completed. Not only does it make that front entrance safer to access, but it’s beautiful and really changes the look of the property. Inside the remodeling of the Fellowship Hall, there is lots going on with anything mechanical – electrical, plumbing, AC and audio video. All of that stuff must be done before …. Hopefully the middle of April, when we can move on into insulation and drywall. It’s all pretty exciting if you think back to all of the months and years of looking at drawings and thinking about possibilities and realities!

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