BtB Update – 9/29/22

Hello, everyone! The Building Committee met on Tuesday night, the 27th, to look over the proposed
contract one last time and to look at the financial recommendations and estimates. Steve Reitz is going
to meet with the church council as soon as they can get together to approve both that contract (after a
little bit of tweaking is done) and the financial plan for the remodel. If the council approves everything,
there will be an informational meeting for the congregation (that’s YOU) to ask questions and hear the
plans and see the financials. FINALLY, in a very few weeks, we should have some sort of calendar timeline for this project. Remember when I suggested you get a hardhat? It’s time. Perhaps you should get some safety goggles as well. This is just a preliminary warning, but there will be construction fences, temporary walls, new ways to park, and some entrances will no longer be available. It’s going to be so EXCITING!!! But honestly, folks, it may be overwhelming as well. Please be patient. Pay attention to changes. One big question: WHERE will the donuts be??? Ultimately, we will have a beautiful, welcoming, clean, bright space. For a while though, it’s going to be messy. Stay tuned! I’ll keep you updated as soon as we have information.

Your happy Building Committee reporter,
Janette Clausen

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