BtB Update – 3/1/2022

Hi, everyone! Didn’t I tell you that we would be getting started soon? We have had work days over at 1006 and lots of other workers as well. There’s new wiring, new sheetrock, new doors to be installed soon. Lots of wonderful new and exciting things so that St. Peter’s Blessings can move over to a new space and the Snip-Its can move as well. Both of those groups are currently housed in the part of the Fellowship Hall that will be demolished and remodeled. Once the renovation is completed, other groups and events will also move over to 1006 while work is happening in the Fellowship Hall. And speaking of the Fellowship Hall.

The Building Committee has met to go over the 95% completed architectural drawings. We are pleased. This renovation is going to make fellowship and learning much nicer! We can feel good about being a part of St. Peter’s and feel good about inviting others to join us when

we have meals, classes, or other get togethers. I know, I know. You want me to talk about a timeline and money. Money – the original budget for 1006 was $70,000 and we feel we will complete the renovation within budget, which is fairly miraculous with the cost of materials and labor today. No numbers yet on the Fellowship Hall. Timeline – 1006 might be ready for use by late spring if all continues to go well. Fellowship Hall??? Not sure yet. We will need to get bids, permits, materials and line up contractors before that can happen. In the meantime – watch out for ways you can help and/or just stroll over to 1006 and take a peek in the windows! Pretty exciting!

Janette Clausen

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