BtB Update – 1/1/2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And here we go! The remodel permit for the property at 1006 Elm was finally approved. On Saturday the 18th, Steve Reitz called the Building Committee and the Property Committee together to do what he called an “Exploratory Demolition.” Yes, we took out walls, sheetrock, rocks, and even A SINK! With just this small amount of work, it’s already obvious how much brighter and bigger the spaces will be. I walked around the rooms simply marveling at all of the

gatherings and events that the congregation of St. Peter’s will be able to have

there! More demo ahead. Some plumbing, carpentering, etc. will happen. Some new doors have been ordered. Go over and peek in those back windows. You will be amazed! Oh, I didn’t actually use a sledge hammer myself. However, I did personally carry some sheetrock to the dumpster and I used a broom and dustpan! It was fun!

Janette Clausen

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