BtB Update – 12/1/2021

Hello, St. Peter’s! 

1. And so we wait. Some things we simply cannot control. Getting a permit for the remodel at 1006 is one of those things. Paperwork was submitted weeks ago. No permit yet. 

2. A reminder that the remodel at 1006 includes the removal of some walls, the updating of some electricity, replacing some flooring, enclosing half of the carport. When completed, the Snip-Its (quilters) and Blessings ministries will have permanent homes there. Space will be available for other groups to meet as well. A lot of St. Peter’s activities will be happening at 1006 during the remodel of the Fellowship Hall. We are going to need and depend on you, the congregation, for some “hands on” time in the completion of this project. 

The architectural team is working on the final design plans for the Fellowship Hall and the final set of construction documents. They are scheduled for delivery by the end of January. 

Stay tuned, dear friends. I will update you as soon as there is news! 

– Janette Clausen

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