BtB Update – 11/1/2021

Hi, everyone! The Building Committee met on September 30 with our architect, Randy Stehling. Randy has spent lots of time with us in the past few years and came this time to talk about how to go forward with the new, streamlined version of a Fellowship Hall remodel. I’ve got to tell you that I was very impressed at how he listened and then gave us suggestions — some of the suggestions were things we had not thought about. He also made recommendations to us about what parts of the project to retain so that we don’t have to re-do drawings and engineering work, which will save us additional costs. All in all, it was time well spent. One of the things we spent a bit of time talking about was acoustics. We have a lot of road noise from 1431, can we do anything about it? Also, room noise. How do we try to keep that level down so that conversations can take place. These things are important to most of us, but we often don’t think about them until we are in a place where we are uncomfortable with the noise level. Entrances — how do we create protection for the entrances that keep us dry if it should happen to rain? In the meantime, the permit process is in progress for 1006 Elm — we hope to start work by the end of October. The re-platting process is going forward, but now we are waiting on a survey. It seems we have to wait in line for lots of things. Your job right now? Please pray that we can find contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other workers and supplies for this project. 

– Janette Clausen

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