BtB Update – 9/24/20

The Building Committee continues to meet on a regular basis with various sub-committees working on signage, space planning, etc . 


  • We received the latest round of cost estimates from the architect/estimator team.  With that information, the committee finalized and approved the floor plan, elevations, and campus parking.  We are moving forward with design for parking at our Elm Lane site, the old Choice Medical building and NEW site of our St. Peter’s Mission House!!
  • The biggest item is that we voted unanimously to proceed with a fire suppression system (sprinkle system) for the total campus.  This includes the sanctuary, new remodeled fellowship hall, offices and school wing.  This is a very important piece to the puzzle going forward and the committee felt strongly that we should include this as part of the current building program.  By doing so, it will free up St. Peter’s for any and all future construction projects and is an invaluable safety feature for our campus.   


Currently, the architectural team is working on refining the approved “Plans and Layouts” and generating the next set of design development documents. Therefore, we will no longer be using the term “schematic design”.  Halleluiah! The Building Committee will be involved with this process on a regular basis.  We will also be pricing and monitoring the estimated costs at every step.   Our hope is to have a preliminary plan review meeting with the city of Marble Falls by the second week of October.

  • Steve Reitz, Building Committee Chair

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