BtB Update – 7/29/2020

The Building Committee met Wednesday night (7/29) at 3:30pm. Those present were Steve Reitz (chair), John Burns, Carol Jones, Mike Struchen, Don Trapp (by phone), Chuck Wettstein (by phone). Absent was Janette Clausen.

We began with a devotion led by Pastor Vanicek. We reflected on the story of the Feeding of the 5000+ (Matthew 14:13-21). We reflected on the following questions:

When the task before us is overwhelming, what is our response?
Would you say this Building Project has been an overwhelming task?
How as our response been like the disciples’ response to Jesus?
Jesus believes his disciples are up to the task…IF they trust God.
OPTION 1: to trust in what WE can do by ourselves
OPTION2: to trust in what GOD can do through us
How is our current building plan like OPTION 1?
How is our current building plan like OPTION 2?
“and all ate and were filled” is the trajectory/horizon/purpose of this miracle.
What hard decisions do we need to make to say this about our building project?
In what ways can we make this project be more OPTION 2 vs OPTION 1?
Without Jesus, how do you think the disciples would have ended that day in the deserted place?

  • We reviewed the estimate costs provided by Koehler Co. and discussed over Zoom with them and the architect last week.
  • Worked on determining what might need to take secondary place in the building program to achieve main goals, as well as incorporate needed changes in the world since the program design began back in 2017/2018. Major changes include acquiring 1006 Elm Lane, incorporating a future thinking fire suppression system, and COVID19. Both of these offer opportunities to how we would like to pivot while we have the chance for a changing world and church.
  • The committee is going to make recommendations to council at the August 3rd meeting so that we can take the schematic design to the next level and reduce the uncertainty in the estimate.
  • The committee is also moving forward with the architect and a fire suppression company for a more detailed estimate on that component, which will also give a better estimate of the cost for this necessary incorporation into the program. (see the annual meeting handout).
  • Read the minutes from this meeting. Contact a Building Committee member if you have questions about the project or have feedback.

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