BtB Update – 5/30/2019

June 1 will be the one year anniversary of the Building to Bless Program. Our initial goal was $750,00 with an outside goal of $900,000 of pledges. St. Peter’s blew these goals away with final pledges of $1,041,323.

St. Peter’s Lutheran is blessed with this outstanding support. This means the Building Committee can consider a new fellowship hall with seating of 225 on the Elm Street property, a modern kitchen, an improved parking lot, and a revamped western entrance to our facility. We can build a new modern efficient building in lieu of remodeling our present fellowship hall.

As of May13 we have collected $496.489 which is 47.7% of our pledge amount. I want to thank St. Peter’s for the outstanding support of the first year of this 3-year program.

What can we do? Pray for the continued support of Building to Bless and for the continued success of the Building Committee deliberations.

Dale Moquist, Chair, Building to Bless.

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