BtB Update – 12/19/18

An update from Steve Reitz.

  • The overwhelming financial support from the St. Peters congregation has allowed the Building Committee to take pause and think about options.  We are blessed to have the options for location of our requested elements within our campus.
  • The committee is currently exploring those options with the potential Elm St. Fellowship Hall site.  Following is an update of the committees current activity.
  • Survey:  We have received the survey of the Elm Street properties with topography info, trees, easements etc.   This has been passed on to the architectural and civil engineering teams
  • Architectural:  The architectural team  has been working on very preliminary/initial design options for the Elm Street site.  Armed with the survey info they can now be a bit more specific
  • Civil:  The local civil engineering team (KC Engineering )here in Marble Falls has the survey info and will be working and coordinating with architects to flesh out options  for the site. It is important that these 2 work closely so St. Peter’s can have the most building and amenities for the site,  as well as meeting the Tex Dot  & the City’s water quality requirements etc.
  • Building Co:  The committee continues to have meetings for further space planning for the St. Peters Campus
  • Time Frames:  Both parties, Architectural & Civil,  are telling us that through the holidays there will be some activity on our project.  Both say that after the first of the year they will be working towards generating a conceptional design for our review.

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