BtB Update – 11/29/18

Thank you all for your patience as we step back to incorporate your feedback from the Building to Bless campaign.  The Building Committee has been working hard to 1) stay to our top goals that you all wanted to see as part of this project and 2) to think outside the box and do something that still keeps us at the same mortgage we currently have.  Your above and beyond giving has made all this possible.

Steve Reitz wanted to offer a few notes of update on the project:

  • Currently in the midst of doing our due diligence concerning the Elm Street property; including surveys, topography, & existing site conditions
  • Engaging in preliminary discussion with the City on regulation for fire protection
  • Civil engineering will be the next step to determine water quality and retention/detention.  Egress for 1431 entrance
  • Based on our last meeting with the Building Committee the architect is working on concepts to establish a first cut of schematic design.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Steve Reitz

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