BtB Update – 10/23/18

This past Sunday (10/21), Steve Reitz presented an update during the Sunday School hour of where the Building Committee is.  The highlights:

  • thanks to everyone for your commitment and surpassing our goal of $750k.  We have commitments over $1 Million dollars.
  • we are still working with list of original goals (parking, kitchen/FH, westside entrance, signage, and sanctuary updates)
  • yet, with the generous surpassing of our original commitment goal, and feedback on the current FH space, the building committee has been able to look at additional options to accomplish our same list of goals.
  • We are exploring building a new Fellowship Hall where Choice Medical is.
    • Fellowship Hall to accommodate 225 people comfortably
    • Full Kitchen / Bathrooms / Storage
    • Rental space facing 1431 for income
    • Current FH updated through Property Committee and congregation
    • We would keep the West Side Entry / parking update already outlined

Why are we looking at this?

  • We will get a lot more additional square footage for the same investment.
  • new building construction will be more cost effective / better bang for buck.
  • We would still accomplish original list of goals.

What would this do to SPLAT House / our youth ministry?

  • Currently there is no plan to tear down the SPLAT house or to eliminate the outdoor activity spaces Coach Orton as developed.
  • A new FH across Elm would provide additional space for youth to use

What is the projected maintenance cost of this new facility?

  • Those numbers have not been determined.  New building construction will be much more efficient than what you can do renovating old construction.

Is Choice Medical getting renovated or torn down?

  • The Choice Medical building will be torn down and new construction will go in its place.  Also, our lease with Choice Medical is up in June.

Will this new Fellowship Hall be single or multi-story?

  • Our current budget only allows us to build a single story structure at this point.
  • The building will be engineered to be able to add an additional story at a possible future time if desired.

How do you handle walking across Elm from a new FH to the sanctuary?

  • The architect is looking at ways to provide easy mobility from the FH to the sanctuary that isn’t greatly affected by weather.
  • Current parking has many people walking a long way down Elm to the sanctuary.  This distance from a new FH to the sanctuary would be less than that.
  • The Building Committee did look at a lot of options in looking at how to fit a new FH on the current side of the street, as well as looking again at how to expand the current FH.  Each option presented different challenges and ultimately more prohibitive than what we are proposing across Elm.  There are a lot of underground utility easements that were factors and greatly shape where we can build.


  • no disruption to current facility / ministries as this new building is built
  • we will gave sizable square footage compared to the original renovation design
  • the new space will give ample space for seating and serving many more people
  • the building provides a new opportunity for outreach ministries (youth, serving, worship)

Please email or call anyone on the Building Committee if you have questions and/or feedback. We all want to hear from you as we move forward with this exciting building project, because we are Building to Bless!

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